What’s coming soon for Winkie’s Toys & Variety? Online shopping!

We can’t wait to help you select puzzles, games, gifts and toys from the comfort of your own home! Stay tuned!

We are so happy to have you back in our store and THANK YOU for taking our safety precautions so seriously. Your smiling eyes peeping out of your masked faces are making our days bright! Everyone is doing a great job adhering to the physical distance guidelines and with that, we’ll all keep each other as safe as possible.

Yes, we will continue to offer free parking lot pick up. We know this is helpful to you because you have told us! So if shopping in store is not your jam yet, take your time, be safe and call us. We’ll pull together your order, ring you up and bring it out to your car with no contact.

While you decide what is best for you, please continue to follow us on Facebook @shopwinkies and call us with questions – we sure do love your questions!

In the meantime, we support your celebrations (birthdays! holidays! graduations!), your baking, your gift giving, your favorite candies, your quiet time with your family doing puzzles, your outdoor-playing-catch-time with your kids, your family game nights, your crafting time and so much more! Balloons and decor are available and always free gift wrapping. Plus, the Winkie’s Toys family providing the direct customer service you trust.

Call us at 414-964-2131 and we’ll help you pick out books, crafts, balloons, gifts, office needs, toys, sports equipment, household items or art supplies. Or we’ll see you in the store!


Monday through Saturday 9am – 6pm

Sunday 10am – 3pm

With love, Beth, Terry, Michael and Sarah