Ages 4-8

As your little one grows through the toddler years and becomes a little person, their fine motor skills, cognitive development and imagination play are in full force! At Winkie’s Toys and Variety, you’ll love each of these stages with new board games (family play!), Playskool and Lego building (independent and imagination play!) and gross motor development through sports and active play! Plus, don’t forget the dress up! We always carry a great selection of Melissa and Doug costumes!

Finally, one of our favorite stages is crafting and creative play. From crayons, markers, paints and paper to sewing, knitting, and prepared activities – we love stocking the shelves with the latest creative crafts to keep your kids’ minds expanding in new directions!

As your preschooler becomes a full-time student, we’re always ready with school supplies.

Winkie’s Toys and Variety works with local schools to prepare your school supply lists for a one-stop local shop with the family-owned customer service you deserve.