Love’s Afloat

Couldn’t we just use more excuses to tell someone special we love them? We think so. With today’s busy busy busy schedules – off to practice, a tennis game, a work meeting, an all-day conference, an on-call weekend, a retreat, a yoga class, a school meeting, a quick bite of dinner here before running to the next item popping up on your Google calendar… do we stop enough to just say

I love you!

Probably not.

How are you going to share sweet sentiments for this year’s Valentine’s Day with your significant other this year on February 14th? How about your kids? Your favorite aunt? Your mom? Your sweet neighbor who always keeps an eye on the house when you’re at work or on vacation?

We have so many wonderful messages to be shared in a fun whimsical message with a Valentine’s Day balloon bouquet! We are offering 4 latex balloons and one mylar – a sweet bouquet of five balloons for only $9.99 plus tax!

Plus, we also have cool sports balloons and character balloons for those who don’t want to get too mushy but LOVE to see their favorite things recognized by those who love them! Send your message this Valentine’s Day in a special way.

We wish you every day filled with love and fun messages and sweet times with those around you.