Let’s Play Ball!

One of our favorite seasons to stock the shelves for is … Spring! We love talking with our partnered vendors in the depth of winter to order baseballs, mitts, new bats, soccer balls, whiffle balls, lacrosse sticks, field hockey gear and of course, Brewers gear. It helps us get through Wisconsin winter!

Our customers embrace each Wisconsin season change with a vengeance, but Spring… it’s the one that seems to take a little longer than the others. And once that snow starts to melt, you can hear the basketballs bouncing in the neighborhood. You can see the bikes getting dusted off and hear the pumps filling up those tires. You can hear laughter on the streets of Whitefish Bay and see the kids taking off their boots and putting on tennis shoes once again!

How about discovering all those whiffle balls showing up under the melted snow? Now that’s Wisconsin fun!

Our community comes outside to breathe fresh air, take their morning walk to Stone Creek Coffee, carry ham and rolls home on Sunday morning from Sendiks and ya’ll swing in to see us downstairs at Winkie’s Toys and Variety. And we’re ready for you!

Plus, Brewers baseball anyone? The home opening game at Miller Park is March 28! You may need to wear a coat, hat and mittens to tailgate, but it still feels good to get outside, doesn’t it? Let’s go Brew Crew!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! Our shelves are filled with baseball gear, it’s the first day of Spring and we’re ready!