May the Fourth!

When did May the 4th come out as a fun time to celebrate all things Star Wars? We’re not sure, but man, we love it! It’s always so fun when we are buying toys, games, crafts, card games and party accessories to connect with our customers’ passions! Whether you love Harry Potter, Barbie, Lego Friends, cars, trucks, The Milwaukee Brewers’ baseball or Star Wars – we’re thinking of YOU when we fill our shelves!

We know you can’t currently see our shelves – since the Wisconsin Safer at Home order, BUT we are having a blast sharing what we have in stock on our Facebook page and putting together your orders over the phone and running them out to your car and contact-less delivery to your North Shore home!

On May 4th, while we wish you “May the 4th be with you,” here are some of the awesome Star Wars items available today!