Summer is here!

OK Milwaukee…summer is here! And it’s d i f f e r e n t…. am I right? BUT does that mean it has to be less fun? No.

No. No it doesn’t have to be less fun! So, let’s talk fun.


Whether you’re shooting soft rockets into the air in the backyard, blowing bubbles all around your neighborhood, chalking inspirational messages or your favorite cartoon characters on your sidewalk, or making an obstacle course for your bikes or skateboards… Winkie’s Toys & Variety has goodies for you!


Are you spending hours on YouTube and TikTok watching videos of cool baking tips and tricks… creating your own recipes or following your favorite FOOD Network baker? We’ve got tons of fun baking gadgets, accents and basic kitchen necessities!


Maybe you are not ready for Phase 2 or 3 or any phase at all… and you dig your time in your cozy family room, your craft space or your dining room table. Set up a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, cozy up to your a crossword puzzle book or update your crochet needles.

Embrace what feels right for you this summer. This is a tricky time and following your heart, doing what feels right is the right thing to do.