Let’s Have SNOW Much fun!

Sleds & brick makers!

It’s time to embrace Wisconsin weather! What’s more fun than strapping on several layers of wool socks, shirts and pants, covering them with wind resistant layers on top of that and wrapping a mask around your face and jumping in a pile of fresh white freeze cold snow? We can’t think of anything!

We’re constantly ordering the latest sleds on the market, double sleds, blow up sleds, saucer sleds, you name it… swing down to Winkie’s Toys & Variety and get your sleds!

Don’t forget we also carry hats, gloves, mittens and masks! What else do you need?

Oh perhaps a pocket full of your favorite candy and gum?

Then, how about coming home to warm up with some hot cocoa and a brand new jigsaw puzzle and not leaving the house for the rest of the day? We have some fun new puzzles in stock!