Inside Winkie’s Toys and Variety

New 2021 Schleich animals!

These cuties are such a fan favorite! It’s so fun to be a store that carries collector items that make folks so passionate and excited. It’s especially fun when we get the new year’s collection in the store! Come see the new Schleich 2021 animals on the shelves today!

All you need is LOVE

We are floating around the store these days walking on air! OK actually, we’re filling up balloons with air, not walking on it. Why? Because it’s Valentine’s Week – and the official day is next Sunday, February 14th – and we are up to the ceiling in adorable styles of mylar and latex balloons for your celebrations! Valentine’s Day is the perfect COVID-friendly holiday. You can hand pick your sweetheart’s favorite candy, chocolates, gifts, accent them with adorable balloons – and share the love!

Have a Valentine who is not in your home? Drop their favorite nostalgic candy with an appropriate messaged balloon off on their door step!

Have a Valentine outside of the area? Get out the markers, stickers and glitter and create something adorable and pop it in the mail! There is plenty of time! But remember, even if your Valentine is a couple days late, it still is going to make someone feel pretty amazing!

Have Valentines in your life that aren’t romantic? Happy Valentine’s Day is a sweet message to send anyone! Simple messages, like I like you! Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re Special! are all so meaningful!

Got a younger Valentine who you want to make smile? How about a stuffed animal with a hand written note?

Want to make someone laugh? How about a SINGING Valentine’s Day balloon!? We’ve got that too!

Swing downstairs to Winkie’s Toys and let’s find something perfect for your Valentine! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for in-stock updates daily!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Playmobil Fest at Winkie’s Toys!

What’s hot in the basement at Winkie’s Toys and Variety, your favorite Milwaukee north shore toy store? PLAYMOBIL!

You’ll love these super cool and hip VW vehicles and rough and tough off-road trucks and stunt show cruisers!

Let’s build. Let’s play. Let’s use our imaginations!

See you at Winkie’s Toys & Variety!

Let’s Have SNOW Much fun!

Sleds & brick makers!

It’s time to embrace Wisconsin weather! What’s more fun than strapping on several layers of wool socks, shirts and pants, covering them with wind resistant layers on top of that and wrapping a mask around your face and jumping in a pile of fresh white freeze cold snow? We can’t think of anything!

We’re constantly ordering the latest sleds on the market, double sleds, blow up sleds, saucer sleds, you name it… swing down to Winkie’s Toys & Variety and get your sleds!

Don’t forget we also carry hats, gloves, mittens and masks! What else do you need?

Oh perhaps a pocket full of your favorite candy and gum?

Then, how about coming home to warm up with some hot cocoa and a brand new jigsaw puzzle and not leaving the house for the rest of the day? We have some fun new puzzles in stock!

Sweet treats…and family traditions

One of our favorite things to sell during the holiday season is our popular holiday treat tins! These are a long standing staple at our variety store and an incredible tradition for so many families. What does it mean when new tins are going out the door? It means some one is baking with love. It means someone is spending time in their kitchen recreating a smell, memory and taste from their past!

What are your favorite holiday cookies and treats? Are they magic cookie bars? Spritz cookies? Chex Mix? Snowball cookies? It means someone is getting creative – and maybe making a mess!

So speaking of messages, maybe when you stop in to get your holiday tins, pick up some cleaning supplies, too! 😉

Holiday Spirit!

The joy and positive spirit of our neighborhood customers in Whitefish Bay and from surrounding areas is uplifting! We love your smiling eyes as you are popping downstairs, shopping local, asking questions and finding the silver lining in what could be (and is for so many!) a very stressful time!

What are our favorites on the shelves this holiday season? Come see! In the meantime, have a sneak peek!

Let’s Play Trucks!

It’s always an exciting day when we get a great shipment of Bruder Toys trucks delivered! Our shelf is stocked with all of the best trucks – cement mixers, Winter Service plow, emergency vehicles and so many more! These will be a huge hit this holiday season.

Why do we love Bruder Toys? These toys are quality – they last forever! Plus, these trucks have more bells, whistles and details than the trucks we bought our kids in the 1970s and 1980s! We know your truck-loving kiddos get so excited when the plow comes down your Midwest streets to clean up that powdery good stuff from the night before so people can head to work. Now they can watch the local plow cruise down the street with their own plow to play with! The perfect combo! Be sure to grab these while they are in stock and remember – always free gift wrapping downstairs at Winkie’s Toys & Variety!

Getting a taste of the holidays

We know it’s a long standing argument on when is TOO EARLY to turn on holiday music? When is TOO EARLY to jingle your bells?! Some folks say absolutely NOT until after Halloween.. while some folks say you should wait until further into November…

But we know this year is like no other, right? We got a jump start on the holiday cheer and sent out our holiday gift guide already, did you get yours? Of course it has your favorite coupons in it, but also doesn’t it feel awesome opening the mailbox and seeing that your favorite local toy store has some FUN ideas for gift giving or family game playing this year!

And yes, the LEGO Santa display is up filled with new LEGO sets that are going to be so popular this year!

So is it too early? Or are you a teeny bitty bit excited… like us!!??

Making a fun Halloween, no matter what!

These are crazy days! We are all looking around to find great joy in our lives in new and different days. In some homes, it’s being outside in nature – fresh air! Safe, socially distant walks! In some homes, it’s hunkering down with puzzles, crafts and family game nights.

Milwaukee has done an incredible job decorating for Halloween. Does anyone else feel like the orange lights and spooky blow up character game is really off the charts this year? People have stepped up their skills! It certainly makes Fall walks much more fun! No matter what the weather.

Don’t lose out on the fun, even without the trick or treating this year, ok?

Here are some ideas on how to upkeep Halloween fun even with these new-ever-changing days:

  • Have a pumpkin carving contest in your neighborhood! Drop off flyers for your neighbors inviting people to play along! Families can walk around on the side walks (or street, depending upon what neighborhood you live in) and vote for their favorites – or simply enjoy the decor!
  • Drop off BOO BAGS of candy and treats to neighbors – of any age! Remember, everyone could use a smile and treat these days! Include some candy, a fun small toy or a little craft!
  • Kick up your decorating game at your own home! Can you make a ghost out of an old sheet or pillow case? Need string? Googly eyes? Swing in your local favorite store for a few items to help you out!
  • Go for a walk and enjoy your neighbor’s creativity! Don’t forget to bring a flashlight or headlamp to keep yourself safe! Remember, Winkie’s Toys & Variety always has extra batteries you need.
  • Decorate your car for Halloween and go for a drive through haunted house or car wash in the area! Those window markers/paints can be for more than just birthdays!

Happy Fall and Halloween, friends!