Inside Winkie’s Toys and Variety

Let’s Play Ball!

One of our favorite seasons to stock the shelves for is … Spring! We love talking with our partnered vendors in the depth of winter to order baseballs, mitts, new bats, soccer balls, whiffle balls, lacrosse sticks, field hockey gear and of course, Brewers gear. It helps us get through Wisconsin winter!

Our customers embrace each Wisconsin season change with a vengeance, but Spring… it’s the one that seems to take a little longer than the others. And once that snow starts to melt, you can hear the basketballs bouncing in the neighborhood. You can see the bikes getting dusted off and hear the pumps filling up those tires. You can hear laughter on the streets of Whitefish Bay and see the kids taking off their boots and putting on tennis shoes once again!

How about discovering all those whiffle balls showing up under the melted snow? Now that’s Wisconsin fun!

Our community comes outside to breathe fresh air, take their morning walk to Stone Creek Coffee, carry ham and rolls home on Sunday morning from Sendiks and ya’ll swing in to see us downstairs at Winkie’s Toys and Variety. And we’re ready for you!

Plus, Brewers baseball anyone? The home opening game at Miller Park is March 28! You may need to wear a coat, hat and mittens to tailgate, but it still feels good to get outside, doesn’t it? Let’s go Brew Crew!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! Our shelves are filled with baseball gear, it’s the first day of Spring and we’re ready!

Putting the pieces together… together!

What happens when you put a puzzle together with someone special? It takes time. And during that time there could be:

-moments of quiet, concentration where you are looking for the perfect match, color combination, shape or size to link to a piece or an area you’re working on

-moments of celebration when pieces click together and you build on each other’s work. Don’t you love when the frame is complete and you can start filling in the center section?

-moments of chatter, where you’ll talk about events of the day, thoughts on something from the past, or share a funny anecdote from your life.

-time together. Is there ever enough time spent together?

Do you remember Boo-Berry cereal? How about Magic Puffs? Putting together this puzzle would generate some fun discussion and memories with someone special! (And maybe make you hungry!) Find it at Winkie’s Toys and Variety.

Love’s Afloat

Couldn’t we just use more excuses to tell someone special we love them? We think so. With today’s busy busy busy schedules – off to practice, a tennis game, a work meeting, an all-day conference, an on-call weekend, a retreat, a yoga class, a school meeting, a quick bite of dinner here before running to the next item popping up on your Google calendar… do we stop enough to just say

I love you!

Probably not.

How are you going to share sweet sentiments for this year’s Valentine’s Day with your significant other this year on February 14th? How about your kids? Your favorite aunt? Your mom? Your sweet neighbor who always keeps an eye on the house when you’re at work or on vacation?

We have so many wonderful messages to be shared in a fun whimsical message with a Valentine’s Day balloon bouquet! We are offering 4 latex balloons and one mylar – a sweet bouquet of five balloons for only $9.99 plus tax!

Plus, we also have cool sports balloons and character balloons for those who don’t want to get too mushy but LOVE to see their favorite things recognized by those who love them! Send your message this Valentine’s Day in a special way.

We wish you every day filled with love and fun messages and sweet times with those around you.

How to survive the polar vortex

Remember when it was -21 degrees, with a -49 windchill?

-all of us tomorrow

Yes, you will remember this time for years and years to come! What will your memories be? The kids played X-Box and we binged Netflix? Perhaps for a bit…. But how about playing together? Some of our favorite things to hear in the aisles of Winkie’s Toys and Variety are

“I LOVE this game!” or “I played this game when I was a kid!”.

Or of course, “Let’s try this new game!”

We put a lot of heart and thought into the games we put on our shelves. Why? Because so much goodness comes from personal interaction together.

You learn to lose!

You learn to cheer on others!

You learn to stop, think, strategize….play your move.


Seriously, did you know laughing is the best medicine for polar vortex blues? That’s what my mom said: laughing together makes everything feel better.

So dig through your game closet on these insanely cold Milwaukee polar vortex days and pull out something you haven’t played in awhile, grab your family’s favorite or try something new.

And know that when you’re ready to venture outside your house and shop in the basement of Winkie’s, we’ll be here with new games to play.

Snow days

The reason we love a snow day at Winkie’s Toys and Variety is the buzz around the neighborhood in the winter. In Whitefish Bay, WI we are a walking neighborhood filled with crossing guards ensuring safe kids coming to and from school, runners along Lake Drive, folks walking to grab a few things from the grocery store or heading to a lunch or movie date and in the winter, the energy is prevalent during a snow day.

Perhaps the kids need to shake off some energy and grab a new sled before heading to Cahill Park or the JCC. Perhaps, a new board game or craft is in order to fill the quiet day. Of course, a couple of five-and-dime type candies are always a hit, whether it’s a Sugar Daddy or Charleston Chew.

Whatever you’re plans on during the snow day, our sleds are here and waiting for a run down the hill.

New Year, New Site

  • New Awning/Canopy on Silver Spring Drive
  • New Website at
  • New toys stocking the shelves

Bring it on 2019!

Thanks for an incredible 2018!  We are kicking off 2019 with a new canopy on Silver Spring Drive in Whitefish Bay, a brand new shiny website, plus store shelves filled with exciting new products, award-winning games, Valentine’s Day treats and gifty ideas!

Our family is looking forward to continuing to be your favorite Milwaukee toy store and local variety store for many years to come!

Stay tuned for a summary of some of our best selling gifts in the 2018 holiday season and a sneak peak as to what’s coming this year at Winkie’s Toys & Variety.

xo – The Stuhlmacher family