Putting the pieces together… together!

What happens when you put a puzzle together with someone special? It takes time. And during that time there could be:

-moments of quiet, concentration where you are looking for the perfect match, color combination, shape or size to link to a piece or an area you’re working on

-moments of celebration when pieces click together and you build on each other’s work. Don’t you love when the frame is complete and you can start filling in the center section?

-moments of chatter, where you’ll talk about events of the day, thoughts on something from the past, or share a funny anecdote from your life.

-time together. Is there ever enough time spent together?

Do you remember Boo-Berry cereal? How about Magic Puffs? Putting together this puzzle would generate some fun discussion and memories with someone special! (And maybe make you hungry!) Find it at Winkie’s Toys and Variety.

How to survive the polar vortex

Remember when it was -21 degrees, with a -49 windchill?

-all of us tomorrow

Yes, you will remember this time for years and years to come! What will your memories be? The kids played X-Box and we binged Netflix? Perhaps for a bit…. But how about playing together? Some of our favorite things to hear in the aisles of Winkie’s Toys and Variety are

“I LOVE this game!” or “I played this game when I was a kid!”.

Or of course, “Let’s try this new game!”

We put a lot of heart and thought into the games we put on our shelves. Why? Because so much goodness comes from personal interaction together.

You learn to lose!

You learn to cheer on others!

You learn to stop, think, strategize….play your move.


Seriously, did you know laughing is the best medicine for polar vortex blues? That’s what my mom said: laughing together makes everything feel better.

So dig through your game closet on these insanely cold Milwaukee polar vortex days and pull out something you haven’t played in awhile, grab your family’s favorite or try something new.

And know that when you’re ready to venture outside your house and shop in the basement of Winkie’s, we’ll be here with new games to play.