Back to School Refresh

We totally get it that the back to school rush can be a wild time. We were so excited about helping hundreds of families with our school supply packs this year. So school starts and you get in the groove and then you take a look at your kids’ backpacks and guess what? They are worn, have holes, stains, a strap is falling off! OOPS!

Rest assured, your favorite local variety store has you covered. Even thought Michael has been busy stocking the shelves with Halloween and Fall fun, we still have ample amounts of school supplies and even trendy JanSport backpacks!

We also are loving the new thermoses and water bottles that Beth picked out and ordered recently. Check out these adorable designs!

Which is your favorite? I personally LOVE the bicycle one and we know how many of our customers LOVE pedaling around Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Shorewood and Glendale! Hop on your bike and swing over to the corner of Silver Spring and Lake Drive in Whitefish Bay to restock your fall backpack / water bottle / thermos needs!

And yes, we may be making a Fall and pumpkin post before September is over! We’re trying to hold out for a couple more days through while you all adjust to the new pumpkin flavored lattes and bakery items at all of our awesome local stores on Silver Spring. Can someone tell me is Stone Creek coffee brought back the Maple latte this fall? See you at Winkie’s!