Making sports rivals fun!

You know we love to supply our local customers with toys and games themed with their favorite sports teams…even if they are rivals. You’ve come downstairs to Winkie’s Toys & Variety and seen awesome puzzles or Monopoly games themed with the Milwaukee Brewers or the Chicago Cubs, right? Well, it’s football time!

We were psyched to get these Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears playing cards in stock! What great timing with the start of football season and the leaves starting to show some color around the streets of Milwaukee! However, when the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers Spot It! games came in, we flipped! We can barely keep the regular versions of Spot It! on the shelves, it’s such a popular game for gift giving and fun to play for all ages. Plus, it’s the perfect travel-sized game! Keep a tin of Spot It! cards in your car for when you road trip to Grandma’s or your kids need something fun to do at a sport game or waiting to pick up their sibling from school or practice! It’s the best!

NFL Edition of Spot It! for Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers! In stock now, but they won’t last! Pick up your version today for an early holiday gift!