You lean upon me, we’ll be ok!

Wow – what a crazy couple of weeks! We closed our doors to in-store traffic before Governor Evers orders in order to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. We do sell office supplies and school supplies which so many of you have shared with us that you need – so we continue to make local deliveries and do parking lot pick ups through this tough time to make sure you can keep being productive with your children online schooling at home, with your jobs moved into your basements, your spare bedrooms, your kitchen tables. Who knew you would miss your pencil sharpener so much from the office? Or you’d be setting up color coded folders for your student’s core classes?

Dave Matthews’ #34 song says

Lean upon me,
I’ll lean upon you,
We’ll be okay

We’re feeling those lyrics these days while we are hand delivering your school/office supply needs, beautiful and fun puzzles to keep your family together and your brains thinking about something else. Your birthday gifts, wrapped or not and balloons for special occasions.

Keep moving forward Milwaukee. Keep celebrating. Keep crafting. Keep working. Keep studying. And keep staying home until this curve is flattened. In the meantime, lean upon the Stuhlmacher family and we’ll be OK.