Ready for… DELIVERY? Yes, oh my gosh, we deliver!

Stay home. Stay with your people, your cat, your goldfish. Just stay home! But don’t stop celebrating. Is it your birthday? Your daughter’s gotcha day? Your puppy’s anniversary of being potty trained? Let us drop off gifts… balloons… Winkie’s Toys & Variety is our family’s second home. We are at home when we’re here, so let us be here. You can call us at the store (414-964-2131) – we’re open 10am-3pm daily. We’ll talk through what you need, charge it, and bring it over to drop on your porch, put in your garage or whatever works best for you.

Want to go for a drive? We also offer parking lot pick up.

Maybe you’re not celebrating but you’re ready for a new jigsaw puzzle. You know we have MANY fun puzzles! Maybe you need more yarn, new markers, a new board game…. some educational workbooks…. OR your favorite CANDY!! No problem.

Again, we mean it. Stay home. We’ll be at the store. We’ll keep things clean and stocked – we’ll meet you in the parking lot or drop it off at your house.

Stay safe, our friends.

With love, Beth, Terry, Michael and Sarah