Winkie’s Toys & Variety Can Help Make Things Easier

Oh Magic 8 Ball, how can I make this time easier?

Some kids and teachers are going back in the classroom. Some are setting up work stations at home! Some will be doing a little bit of both. Some folks are working from home… some are in their work places day after day! BUT, how can we all work together to make this time easier for each other?

Be Kind!

You’ll hear about decisions school official and work places are making. You’re hearing about fears, excitement, uncertainty, longing, apprehension… let’s be kind to one another! You do what makes you feel comfortable for the moment, and let your neighbor do the same. Also, you have the right to change your mind! That’s OK!

Set up a helpful space!

What do you need to help make this time more fun or comfortable for you in your WFH (work from home space) or for your child’s SFH (school from home) space? Your favorite pens, markers, homemade signs of encouragement, construction paper, cute sticky notes? We have those things!

How about your whole school supply list? We can do that, too! Bring it in, we’ll fill it and voila! You’re ready!

Miss your office mates? How about a photoframe filled with pictures from last year’s holiday party?

Miss your teacher and classmates? How about a bulletin board tacked with your friends’ school pictures?

Take Brain Breaks!

If you’re virtually learning or WFH, take a break now and again! Play catch in the yard, toss a frisbee, get creative with an art project, bake something delicious, keep that intense game of Monopoly going!

Go back and visit that big ole’ jigsaw puzzle that’s on your dining room table! Winkie’s can help! We can help fill those times you need to walk away! Pop in and ask us what we recommend based on your hobbies, passions or age!

Keep your spirits up!

One of the best ways to fight the pandemic blues is to connect with those you like and love! Send a homemade letter in the mail. Drop off some balloons or a gift to someone you care about! Plus, don’t forget to do things for you: do a crossword puzzle, a fun quiz book or play a card game!

If the Magic 8 Ball doesn’t give you the answers, perhaps we can…. let us know how we can help!

You are a part of our family with your dedication to local, family businesses – reach out!