Falling in love with Wisconsin weather (in Autumn!)

What’s more beautiful than a cool breeze on an Autumn day, walking the tree lined streets of your neighborhood, watching children play in their yard, waving hello to neighbors? It’s picture perfect, right? Well in Wisconsin, we get a little of that… then it starts to hail. Then the sun comes out. Then, the temp drops 20 degrees and we dig in our basements or storage closets for last year’s hats and gloves praying for a match or two!

We have been stocking hats and gloves and mittens and the adorable little clips to keep kids (or adults) from losing their gloves/mittens for as long as we can remember! Why would our little variety store keep these items on hand? Because we know we all need them, that’s why! Our shelves are stocked and today may be sunny and 55, but in an hour we could fighting some wind and sleet. Yes, we have umbrellas too. And for those of you who want to just stay inside, we have some fun puzzles you haven’t seen before. Swing downstairs at Winkie’s Toys & Variety at 629 Silver Spring Drive – the corner of Silver Spring Drive and Lake Drive in Whitefish Bay today. Open Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm and Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm.