Making a fun Halloween, no matter what!

These are crazy days! We are all looking around to find great joy in our lives in new and different days. In some homes, it’s being outside in nature – fresh air! Safe, socially distant walks! In some homes, it’s hunkering down with puzzles, crafts and family game nights.

Milwaukee has done an incredible job decorating for Halloween. Does anyone else feel like the orange lights and spooky blow up character game is really off the charts this year? People have stepped up their skills! It certainly makes Fall walks much more fun! No matter what the weather.

Don’t lose out on the fun, even without the trick or treating this year, ok?

Here are some ideas on how to upkeep Halloween fun even with these new-ever-changing days:

  • Have a pumpkin carving contest in your neighborhood! Drop off flyers for your neighbors inviting people to play along! Families can walk around on the side walks (or street, depending upon what neighborhood you live in) and vote for their favorites – or simply enjoy the decor!
  • Drop off BOO BAGS of candy and treats to neighbors – of any age! Remember, everyone could use a smile and treat these days! Include some candy, a fun small toy or a little craft!
  • Kick up your decorating game at your own home! Can you make a ghost out of an old sheet or pillow case? Need string? Googly eyes? Swing in your local favorite store for a few items to help you out!
  • Go for a walk and enjoy your neighbor’s creativity! Don’t forget to bring a flashlight or headlamp to keep yourself safe! Remember, Winkie’s Toys & Variety always has extra batteries you need.
  • Decorate your car for Halloween and go for a drive through haunted house or car wash in the area! Those window markers/paints can be for more than just birthdays!

Happy Fall and Halloween, friends!