Summer, Silver Spring & Winkie’s Toys

There is nothing like summer in Wisconsin. The days can be hot and the evenings cool You can even catch one of the famous pneumonia fronts while you’re outside weeding, watching a little league game or enjoying patio time with friends. All the restaurants fill their patios with outdoor seating because no matter what the crazy Wisconsin weather brings, many want to be outside!

In the summer our bike racks are filled with neighborhood kids who are swinging downstairs for some class candies, gum, baseball cards or new tennis balls. They are counting their change at the register, but who are we kidding… some of them are paying quickly with Apple Pay!

Life on Silver Spring Drive in Whitefish Bay in the summer is just abuzz! Now that we’ve wrapped the Fourth of July celebration – yeah! the parade was back! And we’re several weekends into the routine of the Saturday Farmers’ Market and the band’s sweet sounds on Wednesday nights. It is just the best having our family’s toy store located where you all can find us quickly and easily!

This weekend is another wonderful Silver Spring Drive event – the Whitefish Bay Art Festival! Silver Spring will be filled with fun and 100+ artists from 10am-5pm on Saturday July 10 and Sunday July 11! Your artistic side will be inspired. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to pick up the knitting needle again… or spark your love of latchhook. Did you fall back in love with the intricate detail of paint by number, or less messy… sticker by numbers? Maybe your younger artists will boost their curiosity of painting or creating again… if so, Winkie’s Toys & Variety is open for your supplies!

We look forward to seeing Whitefish Bay’s fabulous Silver Spring Drive filled with folks once again who are just happy to be outside. But remember, you made need sunscreen or perhaps a jacket! Wisconsin weather keeps us on our toes!