Let’s hit the road!

So many families are packing up the family truckster and hitting the road this summer! We are often being asked… what do you have to occupy my children in the car that i s n o t e l e c t r o n i c?!?!? You want your kids off the device and taking in the sights! Checking out the landmarks! Talking to their family members! How can we engage the kids, reduce the complaints and give their eyes a break from screens?

Winkie’s Toys and Variety has your answers! Here’s your packing list for keeping the family connected to each other and not to the WIFI!

  • Bring mini hand-held games for sharing and passing around in the car. We love Simon Says, Rubix Cubes and Bop-It!
  • Surprise the kids at the hotel or camp site with cool dice games that move fast and stir up some healthy competition like TENZI!
  • Want to stimulate their brains in fun, creative way that isn’t messy? Check out awesome sticker books that create incredibly cool mosaic images or easy to draw and erase boards like Boogie Boards!
  • Sneak packs of the latest baseball cards or Pokemon cards in their backpacks for trading and sorting!
  • Pack a bag of art supplies for the kids to create while you enjoy your morning coffee and your new vacation view. We love the idea of keeping markers/crayons in a zipper plastic bag, and storing your construction paper in a two-pocket folder (perhaps reuse one that came home last year gently used?)
  • Do NOT forget the playing cards! The best way to settle down after a fun day of vacation before bed is to play Spoons, Queens or Rummy 500!

When you’re ready to pack up the family truckster from Milwaukee, WI to your new, fresh destination, first stop in Whitefish Bay and swing downstairs to Winkie’s Toys first!

Happy Travels to you!