Age Appropriate Play and Gift Giving

One of the most commonly asked questions at Winkie’s Toys and Variety is advice on what to buy a certain-aged child. Gift giving can be an exciting, meaningful time for some shoppers. For others, it’s stressful!

What is SAFE?

What is FUN?


These are questions we hear – and that is exactly why we LOVE being YOUR family-owned, local toy store in Milwaukee. We do our homework.

How do we know? We visit national toy shows. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We talk to creators of toys and games and hear directly from them why they are important or helpful in the growth of young minds. We hear what makes them fun! We hear what social and emotional skills they help develop. We hear why they are safe!

We study toy trends. We are on the pulse of the toy awards for each year and for each age group!

We love to share this information with you! Stop in and ask your questions, because we’ve got answers at Winkie’s Toys and Variety!