The Times… They are A Changin’

If you know the Stuhlmacher family, you know we love music. Incorporating art, music, creativity, games, laughter and nature in our lives is in our opinion, what we’ll need to carry through these changing times. As we watch our world get turned upside down by the onset of a scary, unknown virus, we must turn inside. How can we help our community? How can we keep our families, loved ones, children safe and sane as we stay inside to keep our elderly, immune deficient and everyone safe?

When we discussed how Winkie’s Toys and Variety can help the Milwaukee area get through these tough times, all we can do is offer you what we’ve always offered you. Joy through toys. Laughter and strategy through games. Pride through education materials. And celebrations through gifts, party favors, balloons.

However, we can do it the safest way possible, by following the CDC recommendations for distance. You call us, tell us what you need to make today work best for you. We’ll deliver it to your home or meet your car in our parking lot. You stay in your space, we stay in our space. Our store is our home away from home. We’ll be here to answer your questions and offer what you need. Don’t let your family’s birthdays go uncelebrated. Don’t lose your mind over dried out markers. Refresh your yarn supply. Play that new card game.

Let us know how we can keep peace, happiness and do our part to keep you laughing and safely at home.

The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,

Terry, Beth, Michael and Sarah